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“I picked (Insert Deity here) because…”

Published February 4, 2013 by PixieHowl

I have been around the Pagan community for quite some time now and one of the comments I hear that makes me just roll my eyes is “I picked my deity because..(reason always follows)”.

I seriously believe that we don’t pick our Deities, much like we don’t pick to be short or tall. I believe that in their good time, they pick you.

Let me explain why I feel this way.  Many years ago, I decided that Isis was THE one for me. I learned all I could about her and even prayed to her. Nothing really ever panned out, I think she humored me from time to time but in all honesty she just had better things do to. This went on for YEARS. I studied many pantheons and compiled quite a huge binder full about them all but stuck true to Isis.

After my “lil time off”, I was rewriting my Prayers collection that I had found in a bunch of stuff I thought I had gotten rid of. And realized I had TONS of prayers to Hecate, and I couldn’t think of why I would collect so many when she was not my Patron. I couldn’t shake that, not even a little.

I researched all I good about her and learned her scared animals were:  Dogs, Owls, Crows, Ravens, Frogs,and  Snakes.  I collected frogs items for years. I do not now or never have feared a snake, I even caught one many years ago and ended up keeping it for quite a long time. I am a cat person but it seems any dogs that are around me for any length of time tend to end up as mine. My husband was owned by a rottweiler before we got together, when he moved in with us Zack switched camps and at one point refused to let Ron into the house.

I learned that her magical number is the number 3, that’s the day I was born on in December, in numerology you would break down a double digit so 12 would become..3.I was also married three times..look, the list is really long, but it goes on and on.

She is a keeper of the crossroads, I have never lived where I was not on a crossroad.

Finally, I figured it all out. SHE chose me a LONG time ago, I was so busy idolizing someone else that I didn’t notice. But, once I did, I realized she was seriously beating me over the head with it all and I was too dumb to see it.

I guess what I am saying is, don’t be so busy looking at someone to worship that you don’t notice that you were chosen by someone else.