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Advice on Your Book of Shadows (BoS)

Published February 9, 2013 by PixieHowl

So, I have been sorting through all of my Pagan files on my computer (I have way too many), and I came across a nice piece about what to put in your Book of Shadows.  Now, It’s a great piece, don’t misunderstand me as you read my entry, BUT either it’s a LOT or I have been doing this whole thing wrong For a very long time!

I am not tearing down this person’s work, only explaining why I am making my above statement and defining why I think some people need to read Pagan related material with a critical eye, not everything is set in stone!

The list is in bold, my commentary is next to it.

Things to include in your BOS are listed below

A dedicationOkay.
A protection spell for the book-okay.
A blessing-okay.
Table of Contents– why? If you use dividers it’s needless and wouldn’t you be constantly replacing this?
Glossary of terms-Some people really might need this.
Traditions in Wicca-WHOA; Stop for a second, not everyone is Wiccan. Not to mention, you never stated this was a Wiccan BoS build.
Magickal Ethics-Wiccan Rede, Laws of Return, etc. – I believe in Ethics, it has a section in mine but under “General Information”.

Beliefs & Doctrines– Again, I have this in my “General” division.
Herbalism-This has its own book, I keep many separate Binders, otherwise, I would have a HUGE heavy binder in which to work from…

Paranormal studies– Not everyone does this, should it be included anyway? It’s not exactly Magic(k) related.

*Some of this stuff could be in a “Book of Light” and is really up to the person building. A lot of people keep their BoS as a strictly working book with mainly spells and such. *

Recipes for: in a different binder.

Ritual and holiday foodsCould be in “Sabbaths”

Bath Saltsmaybe a formulary binder

Oils- Could be in Formulary

Incense- could be in Formulary

Meade and other drink“Sabbaths” again or recipes.

*this whole section does not HAVE to be in a BoS, not everyone is cooking inclined, if not, why have it?*

Correspondences for: -Since there are tons out there, again, I keep mine in a separate binder
Planetary hours
Color magick
Crystal, gemstones and minerals
Herbs, Plants and Trees
Wheel of the Year
Moon Phases

Days of the week


Months of the Year

*I don’t have much to say to this section, I enjoy correspondences (as you will learn), I think they are handy to have and to reference*
Chakras – I don’t have anything at all in my personal BoS about chakras, I have read plenty about them but I don’t use them.
Animal Totems
Oils– again, great for your formulary if you collect a lot
Incenses –See above

Dream interpretation –Some people keep these in a dream notebook, I am not sure it should be limited to a section of a BoS
Magickal Symbolism and Alphabets-Although very pretty, and great for secrecy, often difficult to use every day. Can you imagine having to translate every time you need that particular ritual beforehand or even during? WOW
Crafts – As much as I personally LOVE crafts and I have quite a collection of Pagan related crafts (dishcloth anyone?). I would think that this could be more than a mere section of a compilation.
Listing of Books and Sacred Texts- Again, I reinforce this!
Divination studies: Another HUGE area! For myself, I have a separate binder for Divination. There is so much to it!
Smoke, Flame, Fire
Face Reading
Playing Cards
Medicine Cards

*I admit, I had to look some of these up!  I find that a lot of people learn about divination by topic, usually runes or tarot first, and then they expand to other areas. In the end, you usually end up with the one that suits you well and collect as much information as possible on that one.*

Shamanism-if this is for you.
Wheel of the Year-traditions-Sabbaths
Rituals and spells along with outcomes for those performed-Finally! I actually put this in my BoS!

Circle Casting-now, we are cooking with gas! 

Cleansing and Consecration-BoS!
Blessings- if you are like me,you poor thing, you end up collecting way too many of these and have a whole new binder for them
Quarter calls
Meditations– See my note on “Blessings”
Prayers-See above
Candle magick-BoS
Ritual Construction
Rites of Passage-BoS
Invocations-For some reason I always stick these in my devotions binder.
Crystal Healing-if this is for you, that is
Reiki-Again, not for everyone
Aura Studies-not everyone does this.
Tools-good to have a list, even if you don’t use them all or even if you make your own
Web-weaving-a list of contacts and web addresses-I keep my bookmarks on my computer as well as contacts on a flash drive for back up.
Dragon Lore-I don’t even keep these
Fairy Lore-nor do I keep these.
Humor- or even these ha-ha
Index- Again, this is something I don’t see the sense in keeping as it would be in constant need of updating and on paper that would be a pain in the butt!

This concludes this list.

When I began on my path, I read all the books and I set up a 3 ring binder with so many tabs and dividers it looked like a medical cross reference book.  And I never used most of them! I kept them for years and either the subject didn’t seem that interesting to me or I just never got around to it. Eventually as my BoS grew, I had to split it up into separate binders for specific uses. If I hadn’t, I would have had to use a crane to lift the darn thing!

I think at times, some authors feel very self-important and think they know what is best for everyone. And sadly, that just isn’t true. You have to be critical when reading anything and make you own decisions. If you like a subject and want to keep a tab in your BoS for it, then by all rights do so! If you don’t feel you need a tab dedicated to devotions because that doesn’t feel right to you, then don’t waste your time! This goes for the topic of Books of Light as well, not everyone (myself included) keeps one.

I have read articles that seem to shun the computer age, and state that you MUST have your BoS on paper bullcrap! If you want it on a flash drive or your hard drive, It’s yours not mine! Although I do recommend that you back up your files in case your computer decides to die an early death.

You can be as creative and diverse as you please. Your BoS is a reflection of yourself so don’t limit it!



A Note to My Wonderful Readers

Published February 9, 2013 by PixieHowl

Unless I attach my name or it’s in the Randomosity Category, It is not my original content. I am sorting through all of my files over the next few days and what I have not written, I am trying my hardest to find the Original Author. So please bear with me in this endeavor to keep this blog honest! Thank you all for all of the support I have been receiving  It’s been really overwhelming to learn that my words and my hobby of collecting Pagan related material actually matter to some one other than myself . You guys are really the best!


Blog Mascot

Published February 7, 2013 by PixieHowl

600698_528568307182883_860850940_n(Please, excuse my yet to be finished Dinning room.)

This is Inanna, she is an almost 5 week old chihuahua, we got her when I decided to start the blog project, so she is our Official page mascot!

She was 3 weeks old when we got her and had to be bottle fed because she wasn’t weaned like she should have been. Caring for her like we would any newborn has been a chore since we have many kids and it’s been a long time since we had to deal with midnight feedings. But there are  no complaints or regrets! She seems to have stolen every heart here at Pixie Central!

Defining What We Do and Who We Are

Published February 5, 2013 by PixieHowl

Lately, I have noticed many Meme statements on Facebook explaining what Witches,Wiccans,Druids, and Pagans believe and do not believe in and what we do. How we are not evil or Satanic or etc. my question to this out pour is WHY? Why do we have to explain ourselves, define ourselves, throw blanket statements out about everything we stand in?  Do Christians? I have yet to see the Catholic Memes, or the Mormon, or even Lutheran.

Suddenly the world’s oldest religion has to explain itself?  People already have their preconceived notion of Paganism, a picture with words on Facebook is not going to change it. They aren’t going to read it and say “Oh shit, we were so wrong to judge them”, this isn’t going to happen.Much like if the Catholic Church isn’t going to issue a Meme about how not all priests molest children. Everyone has weighed in and made their decision on the that issue.

I, for one, am all about educating people on Paganism, it’s why I am working on this blog (if for no one else, myself). But I think that flooding people’s timelines is just a waste of time and energy. If people really care enough to learn about it, they know how to Google or they just might ask you. I have had that happen on many occasions.

The beauty of our peaceful religion is that we don’t go from door to door preaching the word of Gaia. We don’t need to shove our religion down the throats of the” moral majority”. After all, how do you like it when they do it to you?

“I picked (Insert Deity here) because…”

Published February 4, 2013 by PixieHowl

I have been around the Pagan community for quite some time now and one of the comments I hear that makes me just roll my eyes is “I picked my deity because..(reason always follows)”.

I seriously believe that we don’t pick our Deities, much like we don’t pick to be short or tall. I believe that in their good time, they pick you.

Let me explain why I feel this way.  Many years ago, I decided that Isis was THE one for me. I learned all I could about her and even prayed to her. Nothing really ever panned out, I think she humored me from time to time but in all honesty she just had better things do to. This went on for YEARS. I studied many pantheons and compiled quite a huge binder full about them all but stuck true to Isis.

After my “lil time off”, I was rewriting my Prayers collection that I had found in a bunch of stuff I thought I had gotten rid of. And realized I had TONS of prayers to Hecate, and I couldn’t think of why I would collect so many when she was not my Patron. I couldn’t shake that, not even a little.

I researched all I good about her and learned her scared animals were:  Dogs, Owls, Crows, Ravens, Frogs,and  Snakes.  I collected frogs items for years. I do not now or never have feared a snake, I even caught one many years ago and ended up keeping it for quite a long time. I am a cat person but it seems any dogs that are around me for any length of time tend to end up as mine. My husband was owned by a rottweiler before we got together, when he moved in with us Zack switched camps and at one point refused to let Ron into the house.

I learned that her magical number is the number 3, that’s the day I was born on in December, in numerology you would break down a double digit so 12 would become..3.I was also married three times..look, the list is really long, but it goes on and on.

She is a keeper of the crossroads, I have never lived where I was not on a crossroad.

Finally, I figured it all out. SHE chose me a LONG time ago, I was so busy idolizing someone else that I didn’t notice. But, once I did, I realized she was seriously beating me over the head with it all and I was too dumb to see it.

I guess what I am saying is, don’t be so busy looking at someone to worship that you don’t notice that you were chosen by someone else.

It’s A Long Story!

Published February 2, 2013 by PixieHowl

About five years ago, I left all Pagan activity, I was simply burned out,reeling from a close family member’s passing, and quite honestly, I was so depressed that  I hated everyone and everything at that time. I felt that there was too much hypocrisy involved and began to doubt even my closest friends.  I ended up self sabotaging everything I was involved with at that time.

I was lost and trying to find something to grasp onto during this period of time. I explored (and at one point baptized) Christianity and when that gave me nothing but hollowness; I went to the Atheist angle. I was able to shed all the burden and stigma associated with religion during this time. I gathered up all of my religious  books, notes and papers and gave them all away (more on this later).

It wasn’t until about 6 months ago I realized that I missed the spirituality of my former life. I had remained associated with my Pagan friends but had rarely spoke to them in the past few years. I missed them sorely.One day, about four months ago I was asked to help a such a friend to help out for their Pagan based group on Facebook. I explained I was no longer practicing and had gone into “retirement” it took them a few weeks to finally persuade me to agree to “just teaching” .

Well, one thing grew to another and here we are. My friends group was disbanded, and I tried to form a group of my own for local Pagans but I deleted it when I started posting to please others in the group and it was really only two people posting in it other than myself.

So, here I am posting on WordPress  even if nobody else reads this but myself, it’s okay. I plan on posting what I like and makes me happy.

I hope you all enjoy it and can use the information for your own!