Defining What We Do and Who We Are

Published February 5, 2013 by PixieHowl

Lately, I have noticed many Meme statements on Facebook explaining what Witches,Wiccans,Druids, and Pagans believe and do not believe in and what we do. How we are not evil or Satanic or etc. my question to this out pour is WHY? Why do we have to explain ourselves, define ourselves, throw blanket statements out about everything we stand in?  Do Christians? I have yet to see the Catholic Memes, or the Mormon, or even Lutheran.

Suddenly the world’s oldest religion has to explain itself?  People already have their preconceived notion of Paganism, a picture with words on Facebook is not going to change it. They aren’t going to read it and say “Oh shit, we were so wrong to judge them”, this isn’t going to happen.Much like if the Catholic Church isn’t going to issue a Meme about how not all priests molest children. Everyone has weighed in and made their decision on the that issue.

I, for one, am all about educating people on Paganism, it’s why I am working on this blog (if for no one else, myself). But I think that flooding people’s timelines is just a waste of time and energy. If people really care enough to learn about it, they know how to Google or they just might ask you. I have had that happen on many occasions.

The beauty of our peaceful religion is that we don’t go from door to door preaching the word of Gaia. We don’t need to shove our religion down the throats of the” moral majority”. After all, how do you like it when they do it to you?


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