It’s A Long Story!

Published February 2, 2013 by PixieHowl

About five years ago, I left all Pagan activity, I was simply burned out,reeling from a close family member’s passing, and quite honestly, I was so depressed that  I hated everyone and everything at that time. I felt that there was too much hypocrisy involved and began to doubt even my closest friends.  I ended up self sabotaging everything I was involved with at that time.

I was lost and trying to find something to grasp onto during this period of time. I explored (and at one point baptized) Christianity and when that gave me nothing but hollowness; I went to the Atheist angle. I was able to shed all the burden and stigma associated with religion during this time. I gathered up all of my religious  books, notes and papers and gave them all away (more on this later).

It wasn’t until about 6 months ago I realized that I missed the spirituality of my former life. I had remained associated with my Pagan friends but had rarely spoke to them in the past few years. I missed them sorely.One day, about four months ago I was asked to help a such a friend to help out for their Pagan based group on Facebook. I explained I was no longer practicing and had gone into “retirement” it took them a few weeks to finally persuade me to agree to “just teaching” .

Well, one thing grew to another and here we are. My friends group was disbanded, and I tried to form a group of my own for local Pagans but I deleted it when I started posting to please others in the group and it was really only two people posting in it other than myself.

So, here I am posting on WordPress  even if nobody else reads this but myself, it’s okay. I plan on posting what I like and makes me happy.

I hope you all enjoy it and can use the information for your own!









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